Founded in 1918 as a fur workshop, the fashion house Fendi was born in 1925 after the marriage of master fur maker Adele Casagrande and Edoardo Fendi. Thanks to their high quality, the bags produced by the company started to spread the name of Fendi internationally in the 1930s and 40s. Today the brand continues to attract men and women from all over the world with their collections of clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery marked by elegance and an extraordinary attention to finish.
Fendi Roma/Amor print T-shirt - Grey
Fendi Black Suede Forever Fendi Patch T-Shirt
Fendi - Knitted Mid Top Trainers - Mens - White
Fendi Navy Leather Bag Bugs T-Shirt
Fendi Navy Leather Bag Bugs T-shirt
$ 490.00
Fendi Black Forever Fendi Trousers
Fendi Black Forever Fendi Trousers
30 32 28 36 34 42 38
$ 850.00
Fendi travel clutch bag - Black
Logo Print Belt Bag
Fendi monogram backpack - Black
Fendi Bag Bug eyes tailored trousers - Black
Ff Embossed Leather Classic Wallet
Fendi FF motif lace-up sneakers - Blue
Fendi FF side stripe track pants - Brown
Fendi White Wool Fendi Mania Headband
Fendi Black and Brown Fendi Forever Slides
Fendi Bag Bugs clutch - Blue
Fendi zip-around wallet - Grey
Fendi Fendi embroidered scarf - Black
Fendi Bag Bug eyes track pants - Grey
Fendi futuristic ff T-shirt - White
Fendi FF appliqué padded jacket - White
Fendi Eyewear square frame sunglasses - Black
Fendi - Ff Jacquard Waistband Straight Leg Jeans - Mens - Blue
Fendi Black Forever Fendi Detail Shirt
Fendi black logo print mesh backpack
Fendi Navy Wool FF Trousers
Fendi Navy Wool Ff Trousers
34 32 38 42 28 36 30
$ 890.00
Fendi Bug Eyes continental wallet - Grey
Fendi Black Cashmere Forever Fendi Sweatshirt
Fendi Diabolic Eyes colourblock espadrilles - Black
Fendi embroidered FF logo hoodie - White
Fendi FF logo messenger bag - Brown
Printed Rubber Cotton Jersey T-shirt
Printed Leather Card Holder
Fendi Black Bag Bugs Sneakers
Fendi Black Bag Bugs Sneakers
3-6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13…
$ 690.00
Fendi zipped coin purse - Blue
Fendi - Double F Embossed Leather Trainers - Mens - White
Fendi monogram pouch - Black
Fendi logo fringed scarf - Black
Fendi slim clutch bag - Black
Fendi zipped appliqué clutch bag - Blue
Fendi Grey Silk Forever Fendi Stripe Tie