An American brand founded in the early '80s by Shawn Stussy, who started designing surfwear in Orange County, California. The brand's logo is a reproduction of the designer's signature from when he used to sign his handmade surfboards, and soon became the distinctive mark of the shorts and t-shirts that Stussy sold, driving around in his mobile shop on the beaches. Success arrived when the protagonists of the hip-hop scene fell in love with the brand, and in the early '90s Stussy expanded to Europe.
Stussy logo print T-shirt - White
Stussy logo print T-shirt - Grey
Stussy logo pullover - Red
Stussy Hands print T-shirt - White
Stussy crew neck logo sweater - Grey
Stussy striped T-shirt - Brown
Stussy logo patch swim trunks - PURPLE
Stussy contrast band swim shorts - Black
Stussy logo print swim shorts - Yellow
Stussy two-tone corduroy trousers - Brown
Stussy stripe detail track shorts - Red
Stussy logo T-shirt - PURPLE
Stussy embroidered logo hoodie - Blue
Stussy logo oversized T-shirt - Blue
Stussy mock neck jacket - White
Stussy gradient-striped shirt - Blue
Stussy camouflage fleece jacket - Brown
Stussy peacock print swim shorts - Green
Stussy mixed-pattern relaxed-fit jumper - Black
Stussy loose-fit trousers - Black
Stussy lightweight belt bag - Blue
Stussy patchwork puffer jacket - Blue
Stussy checked jacket - Brown
Stussy zipped hooded jacket - Black
Stussy Highland camouflage print jacket - Brown
Stussy classic rain jacket - Black
Stussy logo embroidery baseball cap - White
Stussy zipped-up jacket - Yellow
Stussy Paisley straight-fit trousers - Red
Stussy contrast ripstop hoodie - Red
Stussy classic brand hoodie - Grey
Stussy embroidered logo shorts - PURPLE
Stussy colour block fleece jacket - Green
Stussy tie-dye bermuda shorts - ORANGE
Stussy graphic print T-shirt - White
Stussy tie-dye print shorts - PURPLE
Stussy tartan check shirt - ORANGE
Stussy Bones-print hoodie - Green
Stussy Hickory striped shirt - White
Stussy all-over lgoo T-shirt - Green
Stussy utility trousers - Blue
Stussy Chore trousers - Brown
Stussy embroidered logo hoodie - Black
Stussy half-zip sweatshirt - ORANGE
Stussy floral print fleece trousers - Green
Stussy floral print shirt - Black
Stussy long sleeved striped polo shirt - Blue
Stussy forest print jacket - NEUTRALS
Stussy Stock Terry shorts - Blue
Stussy Bryan paisley-print jacket - Blue
Stussy plaid embroidered logo baseball cap - Black
Stussy high neck logo sweatshirt - Green
Stussy Torque shirt jacket - ORANGE
Stussy logo oversized T-shirt - Green
Stussy contrast band swim shorts - Green
Stussy camouflage print shorts - Green
Stussy lightweight belt bag - Black
Stussy printed shirt - PINK
Stussy multi-pocket hooded anorak jacket - Green
Stussy Chore multi-pocket jacket - Brown
Stussy Bryan paisley-print trousers - Blue
Stussy paisley print shirt - Green
Stussy embroidered detail baseball cap - ORANGE
Stussy checked track pants - Black
Stussy panel track jacket - Blue
Stussy embroidered logo jumper - Black
Stussy Cuzco print longsleeved T-shirt - Red
Stussy printed logo T-shirt - Black
Stussy Oxford plaid print shirt - Blue
Stussy plaid shirt jacket - Green
Stussy panel track pants - Blue
Stussy embroidered logo joggers - Black
Stussy camouflage fleece trousers - Brown
Stussy logo utility trousers - Green
Stussy fleece effect jacket - Brown
Stussy embroidered logo half-zip sweatshirt
Stussy bird print shirt - Black
Stussy logo patch swim shorts - Red
Stussy Trek pants - Black
Stüssy - Tie-Dyed Ribbed Cotton-Blend Socks - Men - Green