Since 1986 Hogan shoes have been synonymous with informal elegance, thanks to their functional and innovative design. High quality products that are beyond seasonal trends, maintaining their value year after year. Hogan made a name for itself with Traditional, the first city sneakers, inspired by the shoes worn by cricket players. The label won recognition in 1997 thanks to Interactive, the best-selling Hogan shoes ever. Since 2000, Hogan has also been successfully making (Lax is the first one) as well as accessories.
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Hogan Interactive ankle boots - Black
Hogan Interactive sneakers - PINK
Hogan Interactive sneakers - Black
Hogan Interactive glitter logo sneakers - White
Hogan Maxi platform sneakers - White
Interactive embellished sneakers
Interactive Embellished Sneakers
4-5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12-14
$ 500.00
Hogan glitter lace-up sneakers - Black
Hogan panelled sneakers - Black
Hogan perforated logo sneakers - NEUTRALS
Hogan H logo sneakers - Black
Hogan platform sneakers - Metallic