The best Christmas gifts for the Home

China, decorative ware, and design objects for a Christmas home

Thousands of interior decorations gifts to buy for others or for yourself to ornate your house for the Christmas Holidays. Porcelain by Richard Ginori for Gucci are hand-made, featuring the iconic bee in relief, and always trendy are the hundred different printed versions of Lina Cavalieri's face who was Fornasetti's muse. Candles are a classic gift and you will be never wrong if you give a Diptyque one. Perfect to give a touch of golden to the living room are the brass vases and trays by Skultuna or the unique and exotic items by Pols Potten. A centrepiece by Paola C. and China by Seletti make a statement at a Christmas table. Undoubtedly, the coolest Christmas decorations come from Lladró.

Nutcracker Christmas Ornament
Matrioskas Set Of 3 Christmas Ornaments
Tree Topper Christmas Ornament
Christmas Ornament 5
Christmas Ornament 3
Winter Lee Candle
Herbarium Bee Incense Burner
Inventum Butterfly - Scented Candle
Large Flower Pot Polished Brass Pot
Oriente Italiano Citrino Candle
Fornasetti printed vase - Black
Seletti Hybrid Maurilia sugar bowl - White
Diptyque \'Menthe Verte\' candle - White
Sole Glass Scented Candle
Occhi Glass Scented Candle
Architettura Otto Scented Candle
Scacco Gold Scented Candle With Lid
Apertivo Otto Scented Candle With Lid
Good Kids Only Christmas Figurine
Bell Christmas Ornament
O Christmas Tree Figurine
Regalo Gold Otto Scented Candle With Lid
Mog Bauble
Beardy Man Bauble
700gr Tooth Paste Scented Candle
700gr Washing Powder Scented Candle
Herbarium Bee Incense Burner
Inventum Herbarium Bee - Scented Candle
Herbosum, Herbarium Ladybug Candle
Blue Spire 1001 Lights Scented Candle
Medium Karui Tray W/ White Leather
Via Fondazza Vase - Model B
Via Fondazza Vase - Model C
Dry Vetiver Scented Candle
Iron Base Wax Candle
Crackled Metallic Leather Pillow
Laminated Leather Pillow
Ball Clock
Labirinto Nero Rectangular Small Vase
Aurea Rectangular Large Vase With Lid
Serpentis Candlelabra Candlestick
Fruit Collection Pear Candle
Greek Lacquered Metal Picture Frame
Sunburst Clock
Gold Colored Stainless Steel Tray
Fornasetti Merci dish - Black
Fornasetti set of six T&V glasses - Transparent
Fornasetti printed sugar bowl - White
Seletti TOILETPAPER kitten cushion - Orange
Fornasetti Rip dish - Grey
Fornasetti Otello dish - White
Gucci Fumus, medium Star Eye candle - Blue
Seletti TOILETPAPER flower cushion - Blue
Seletti Hybrid Bauci bowl - White
Seletti TOILETPAPER insect cushion - Yellow
Fornasetti Egocentrism umbrella stand - Black
Fornasetti Pensee incense box - Black
Fornasetti Farfalle umbrella stand - Black
Fornasetti butterfly printed tray - Black
Fornasetti printed tray - Black
Fornasetti Ultime Notizie candle - White
Fornasetti \'Sole Ricciuto\' tray - Black
Cire Trudon Tadine candle - Blue
Fornasetti Sardine aperitivo set - White
Fornasetti \'Paris Tour\' vase - White