Sequins day and night

Chiara Ferragni’s choice for her bachelorette party

Glittering spangles are now found not only at late night parties but now they sparkle even in bright sunlight and have taken sportswear by storm. Like the gorgeous sequined jacket designed for her by Alberta Ferretti. While Chiara wore a pink and fuchsia bomber jacket, guests attending her bachelorette at Ibiza were uniformed in light blue/dark blue sequined ones. Gucci and Laneus have also enriched those old fitness jackets with glitter and spangles. Oversized sequins in the glittering Asos dress that the famous influencer wore at sunset for drinks.

MSGM sequin bomber jacket - Metallic
Alberta Ferretti side stripe sequin palazzo trousers - PINK
Alberta Ferretti sequins embellished bomber jacket - PINK
Gucci sequin embellished bomber jacket - Multicolour
Alberta Ferretti sequin mini skirt - White
Alberta Ferretti side stripe sequin mini skirt - Black
Galvan sequin embellished cropped blazer - Black
Alberta Ferretti side stripe sequin mini skirt - Blue
Alberta Ferretti Rainbow Week track pants - Blue
Alberta Ferretti sequin side striped track pants - Black