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Choose a colorful suit Kendall Jenner-like

A full palette of colours for women's stylish ensembles

Tailored-fit costumes move away from an austere look and dive into a pool of colours. Tailleurs are covered by the most brilliant colours like the glossy copper satin blazer by Blazé Milano sported by Kendall Jenner Or take on the most classic pastel shades- from pink to light lavender, to Balmain's lilac, they are the true stars of this season of ceremonies. Hebe Studio takes inspiration from tuxedoes but with satin lapels. Black is totally 'banned', which favours 'energetic' colours such as orange or navy blue. Versace's suits are monochromatic yet sexy and bold, made from light cady in neon and intense colours, with large shoulders and the iconic golden buttons. A romantic touch in Msgm blazers- a ruffle trim added to lapels- ensures a total feminine look.