Sofie d'Hoore

Sofie D'Hoore was not born a designer: following in the footsteps of her father who was a doctor, she graduated in dentistry before studying at the Antwerp Academy. An irresistible mix of determination and creativity, the Belgian designer moved to Milan in 1992 and launched her first eponymous collection. Her signature style comes from the rigour and balance of the cut, which creates flowing, structured volumes. A sophisticated and demanding perfectionist, a unique and decisive touch, and a predilection for comfortable clothing and high quality fabrics that features in every collection.
Sofie D\'hoore oversized T-shirt - White
Sofie D\'hoore Bloom shirt - White
Sofie D\'hoore corduroy cropped trousers - White
Sofie D\'hoore Becket shirt - Blue
Sofie D\'hoore wide leg trousers - Brown
Sofie D\'hoore cropped flanel trousers - Grey
Sofie D\'hoore stretch canvas belt - Green
Sofie D\'hoore gathered midi dress - White
Sofie D\'hoore graphic print blouse - Blue
Sofie D\'hoore two-tone faux-fur coat - Blue
Sofie D\'hoore long-sleeved midi dress - Blue
Sofie D\'hoore Tia T-shirt - Blue
Sofie D\'hoore oversized flared shirt - White
Sofie D\'hoore poplin oversized coat - PINK