Le Silla

100% artisanal work, made in Italy, is the first characteristic of the brand Le Silla, which designs elegant, sought-after shoes, capable of attracting even those women with the most demanding tastes. Femininity and the desire to seduce trace distinctive lines in their designs, which are transformed by master shoemakers into iconic, fashionable products. Le Silla represents handmade excellence in the Italian luxury sector and works with passion and dedication to create the perfect product.
Le Silla Eva pumps - Yellow
Le Silla Petalo pumps - 190 Lagoon
Le Silla Andrea low top sneakers - White
Le Silla Calzatura over the knee sock boots - Neutrals
Le Silla St. Moritz trekking boots - Neutrals
Le Silla Petalo 65mm pumps - Gold
Le Silla Petalo sandals - Neutrals
Le Silla Andrea sneakers - Black
Le Silla St. Moritz trekking boots - Grey
Le Silla stretch ankle boots - Black
Le Silla College sneakers - Blue
Le Silla pointed stiletto heels - Black
Le Silla Petalo pump - Purple
Le Silla Eva pumps - Pink
Le Silla Eva stretch boot - Purple
Le Silla spiral heel pumps - Black