Lesa, on the shores of Lake Maggiore, 1948. From Giuseppe Marenzi's work the brand Herno is born, fruit of the intersection of opportunity, intuition and ingenuity. The history of this brand is tied to the waters of Lake Maggiore and the river Erno, which flows by the company and gives it its name. But above all from the first product are the raincoats, which Marenzi treats with castor oil. Today the fabrics are technical, the colours glamorous, the lines original, and Herno continues to make cold weather and rain clothing a joy to wear.
Herno faux fur coat - Neutrals
Herno fitted padded jacket - Grey
Herno hooded padded coat - Grey
Herno hooded padded coat - Blue
Herno concealed fastening padded coat - Black
Herno padded jacket - Grey
Herno hooded coat - Grey
Herno puffer jacket - White
Herno Sofia padded jacket - Red