More than a way of dressing, a way of being. Gas, born in the 1970s from the creativity of Claudio Grotto, offers a total look - dynamic and functional - based on denim. Research and innovation are at the heart of Gas style: the company has its own centre for research and development, the Artisanal Room, where each and every process is tested to verify results step-by-step. Today the brand offers clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women and children, all of which share an original, cosmopolitan design.
Gas Bijoux Zizanie bracelet - Gold
Gas Bijoux Adrian bracelet - Gold
Gas Bijoux Caftan hoop earrings - White
Gas Bijoux Serti Pondicherie gem earrings - Pink
Gas Bijoux \'Wave\' cuff - Metallic
Gas Bijoux Serti earrings - Red
Gas Bijoux Infinity bracelet - Silver
Gas Bijoux Calliope pearl bracelet - Orange
Gas Bijoux Marquise necklace - Grey
Gas Bijoux Sorane earrings - Metallic
Gas Bijoux \'Wave\' ring - Metallic
Gas Bijoux Liane earrings - Metallic
Gas Bijoux Caftan Bis bangle - Brown
Gas Bijoux Acapulco feather earrings - Orange