The history of this brand starts with the union of two talented designers specialized in sneaker design: Jon Buscemi and Rob Hepler, who decided to accomplish their most ambitious aspiration - making the perfect shoe. To do so, they left New York for the Marches, land of the most refined artisans in the industry. From the interweaving of artisanal knowledge and trendy design, a new level of luxury was created: the brand Buscemi was born, producing shoes for men, women and children of undisputed line and quality.
Buscemi panelled sneakers - Black
Buscemi high-top padlock sneakers - Grey
Buscemi Padlock sneakers - Black
Buscemi hi-top sneakers - Black
Buscemi Veloce sneakers - White
Buscemi lace-up platform sneakers - Neutrals
Buscemi Strada sneakers - Grey
Buscemi Veloce sneakers - Purple
Buscemi high-top sneakers - Orange
Buscemi 100MM sneakers - Grey
Buscemi hi-top ankle strap sneakers - White