Benetton, demonstrating itself to be more than "just" fashion, celebrated its 40th anniversary at the Centre Pompidou in Paris with the exhibition Fabrica: Les Yeux Ouverts. The Benetton family's charmed adventure in clothing and knitwear began in 1965 at Ponzano Veneto (Treviso), and has always gone hand in hand with full-spectrum, 360-degree creativity. It has established itself as a player in communications, winning important campaigns for its publicity campaigns, thanks also to its collaboration with Oliviero Toscani.
Benetton quilted logo T-shirt - Green
Benetton wide-sleeve oversized hoodie - Blue
Benetton embroidered logo belt bag - Green
Benetton embroidered logo belt bag - White
Benetton cargo trousers - Blue
Benetton feather down logo gilet - Blue
Benetton logo embroidered hoodie - White
Benetton printed sleeve bomber jacket - Red
Benetton striped polo shirt - White
Benetton logo embroidered hoodie - Black
Benetton Peanuts T-shirt - White
Benetton oversized Peanuts T-shirt - White
Benetton maxi shopper bag - Blue
Benetton logo embroidered T-shirt - White
Benetton logo embroidered T-shirt - Black
Benetton embroidered logo belt bag
Benetton embroidered logo belt bag - Black
Benetton long sleeved polo shirt - Blue
Benetton photographic print T-shirt - White
Benetton cargo pocket gilet - Blue