In 1830, John Rich, an immigrant from England, built his wool mill in Plum Run, Pennsylvania, and began selling his woolen fabrics in the woodcutters camps, moving on a mule-drawn wagon. His company, Woolrich, has given its name to a city and overcame the Civil War, the Great Depression, two world wars and the Cold War unscathed. Rather than a dressing fashion, Woolrich is a lifestyle, dedicated to outdoor activities and high quality, as well as tradition.
Woolrich long-line tank top - White
Woolrich printed popeline skirt - Neutrals
Woolrich V-neck knitted top - Pink
Woolrich hooded coat - Neutrals
Woolrich Hooded Coat - Neutrals
$ 401.00
$ 501.00
Woolrich hooded parka coat - Pink
Woolrich hooded coat - Blue
Woolrich layered padded parka - Blue
Woolrich checked raincoat - Green
Woolrich loose fit paperbag trousers - Green
W\\\'S Silverdale down jacket
W\\\'S Over cotton parka