This American brand produces not only sports shoes, but also shoes for people who work on their feet and need something comfortable, reliable and breathable. The Performance line presents runners and walkers with models that can really deliver, and that stand out for their innovative design and brilliant colours. In addition to ultra modern technology and materials like memory foam and rocker bottom soles, Skechers also has a Vegan line, which offers products that are completely free from materials of animal origin.
Skechers Shell running Jacket - Black
Skechers D\'Lite chunky sneakers 3.0 overlay in white and blue - White
Skechers Yoga Printed Legging - Black
Skechers D\'Lites white sneakers - White
Skechers D\'Lite chunky sneakers 3.0 in white - Gray
Skechers Full Legging - Black
Skechers Loose Fit Tank - Pink