Moon Boot

In 2000 they were chosen by the Louvre as one of the 100 most important objects in the history of the 20th century; Moon Boot is also one of the only brand names to enter the dictionary. The famous snow boots have a history that justifies their popularity (over 25 millions of pairs have been sold): Giancarlo Zanatta, founder of Gruppo Tecnica, designed them after being inspired by the astronauts' boots that he saw while following live the landing of Apollo 11 on the moon on the 20th of July, 1969.
Classic Disco Boots
Moon Boot green classic icon snow boots
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Nylon snow boots
Moon Boot
Nylon Snow Boots
4-5 9 12-14
$ 110.00
Low Nylon Wp 2 Boots
Moon Boot metallic moon boots - SILVER
Glance Waterproof Snow Boots
Moon Boot shearling snow boots - Grey
Moon Boot Glance metallic snow boots - SILVER
Moon Boot branded moon boots - White
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Moon Boot lace-up snow boots - SILVER
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Moon Boot shearling snow boots - Brown
Far Side Sabot Loafers W/ Faux Fur